Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Ceramic is defined as soil which is fired at high temperatures. When we evaluate ceramic materials in traditional way, we can say that ceramics are the materials which are achieved by mixing inorganic raw materials within the appropriate ratios and then fired after giving the original shape. Ceramics materials are the oldest products since fire has been invented.

Ceramic has a wide range of industrial areas such as porcelain, tile, china, tableware and decorative items, refractory materials, fireclay, sanitary wares, and high-tech materials.

Ceramic Department has been established to ensure development, spreading and recognition of ceramic arts and industry. A comprehensive program of education, including basic and professional courses of ceramic art and therefore plastic art, is offered to the students who are receiving education in this section.

The Department has a philosophy which feeds the soul of research and creativity by using both traditional and modern ceramic technologies and also by understanding of the properties and diversity of ceramic materials. In branches of ceramic technologies, both technical and theoretical methods are given to students and these knowledges are supported with artistic and industrial applications.