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The department adopts to train directors, writers, technicians and experts to take place in cinema and/or television industry having the skills of being innovative, constantly renewing themselves, respectful and sensitive to their artistic and professional ideals.

Cinema &Television department firstly aims to make students put forward their own personal creativity and to provide them a quality education which will introduce them to the cinema&television industry by giving them the identification of researcher, innovative and contemporary personality.


Batman University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Cinema and Television department aims to develop the individual creative powers of the students and bring up students, who are modern, researcher, and the candidates of the innovative art and can think analytically.  The students take general art culture and foreign language lessons, they also take notional and practical lessons which constitute the background of the cinema art and are full of creative and technological subjects such as motion, view, plot, direction and fiction in the two years of the 4 year (8 terms) education.  The students develop their artistic emotions and skills via getting accumulation and experience from the practices they have done. The students get the chance of making films with group projects in two years. In the third year, the students produce individual and creative short film projects in direction and scenario lessons. At the end of the fourth year (8th term), the students complete their education with preparing diploma project films via using the creative education they have taken.



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