Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Graphic is a visual transmission art which makes the message wanted to be transmitted ready to be transmitted to the one we want to transmit via using the available objects in an order.

In graphic design, visual objects and the lines used constitute a steady and static structure when they are placed parallel and they constitute an active and energetic structure when they are placed vertical or opposite. The main objective of the graphic design is to raise this constitution to the highest point via making the composite of the transmission and aesthetic quality.

The graphic design is in all visuals which occurs in the point where the creativity, imagination and technology intersects.

The department aims to educate designers who are creative, contemporary, self-renew and who are experienced in culture and science. The importance of the department of graphics has raised with developments in field of press&broadcast depending on the various communication networks. Graphics which gives education in parallel with needs arising form these developments and changes intends to continue educating in a very wide range of fields such as cinema, television and web designs.